About AAUW

   Who is AAUW?   The American Association of University Women has been empowering women since 1881. Our 1000+ members and 20 branches in NC work for equity for women and girls in schools, on campuses and in our communities.

Our Vision   We bring people together for the common goal of breaking through educational and economic barriers for women and girls.

Our Mission and Goal   Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, lifelong education, philanthropy, and research. Our Goal is to effect positive social change in opportunities available to women and girls.

Who belongs to AAUW?   North Carolina AAUW was founded on March 17, 1915, and is the fourth oldest AAUW Organization in the USA. The Asheville branch of AAUW traces its history back 100 years when sixteen local women college graduates organized what would locally become AAUW Asheville.  Their work in Asheville has been ongoing and influential in assisting women through such related projects as refugee relief and improvement of public schools. Our history is replete with names of local women who made significant inroads for women and girls. Nationally there are 170,000 AAUW members. The only requirement for membership is that you hold a bachelor‘s degree from an accredited college or university. AAUW members are women in every stage of life, from all religious and ethnic backgrounds, with a wide range of interests and expertise. AAUW‘s diversity is its strength.

What does the Asheville branch of AAUW do?   We make a difference in our community. We mentor young women, sponsor community forums, promote equity in education, fight sexual harassment, educate voters so that they may make informed decisions. lobby legislators with regard to women’s issues, encourage women to run for public office, influence school board policy, and sponsor YWCA’s Drop-In Child Care Center. YWCA drop-In child care is a free service for parents seeking employment, accessing essential social services, or continuing their education.  We provide temporary, quality child care for their children, using the YWCA’s services and facilities.

We help women succeed in higher education. The national AAUW is the largest source of nongovernmental funding for women. Each year the Asheville branch of AAUW GEM (Gaining Educational Momentum) awards scholarships to women who are in local colleges. GEM raises funds to award undergraduate scholarships to women whose college educations have been interrupted or delayed. Education is Key. The GEM fund was established to help these women attend local colleges. 2015 marked the thirteenth anniversary of the GEM fund and in this school year fifteen $1,000 scholarships were given to A-B Tech students and two $2,000 scholarships were given to UNCA students.   Over the last 13 years the GEM Fund has awarded over 90 scholarships totaling close to $100,000. The GEM Fund is supported entirely by contributions and by income from invested funds from prior contributions. GEM is a non-profit organization with a 501c3 designation.

Benefits for AAUW Members  Member benefits can enhance your professional and personal life and will save you money along the way:

Facing employment challenges: special resources for all members

Education and career development

Published reports on topics affecting women

Books and publications

Insurance, including medical

Travel;  Finance;  Shopping

Join Us:

On college campuses, we foster the next generation of women in leadership and in the workplace. After graduation, we mentor, fund and support educational and professional development. From college through career and beyond, we are working to change the future.

Joining AAUW – Different options are available:  Membership is open to anyone holding an associate’s (or equivalent, e.g. RN), bachelors, or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university:

     National membership: Annual Dues are $49.00.   Become a national member and connect through our website, and enjoy special members-only online publications.

     Affiliate or Branch members: Annual Dues $73.00 a year. $49 goes to National; $11 to State; $13 to Local.  $46 of National dues is tax-deductable.

     E-student affiliation:  E-student affiliation is free for all undergraduate students attending an AAUW college/university partner member institution. Since more than 800 schools are AAUW partner members, you’re likely eligible for this option. Upon graduation, e-student affiliates receive a free, one-year membership to AAUW as a graduation gift.

     Student affiliation:  Undergraduate students at institutions that are not AAUW college/university partner members can join AAUW for $17 a year.

      Graduate students:  If you’re in grad school, you’re already eligible to join AAUW at the branch or national level since you’ve already presumably earned an undergraduate degree. But you can get a graduate student discount: AAUW offers an introductory rate of $18.81 for your first year. After that, it’s $49 a year to receive all the benefits.

       Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF): Annual dues are $21.00: Designed by and for women in their 20s and 30s, YWTF offers young women an opportunity to take action on issues that matter most to them.