President                    LaDean Peterson

Executive VP               Wendy Owen    

Treasurer                    Jeanne Smolkin 

Secretary                     Barbara Robinson

VP, Programs              Open

Point Person               Johanna Manasse

VP, Memb                   Michele Anderson

Point Person               Johanna Manasse

VP, Memb                   Michele Anderson

GEM Pres                    Patricia Ashe     

Committee Chairs & Liaisons

Advocacy &                 Kitty Schaller     

Public Policy                Johanna Manasse

Special Interest          Barbara Robinson

STEM                           Karen Wallace-Meigs   

WorkSmart                 Jan Huskey                    

Members at Large      Susan Grabel                

Ex-officio                     Leslie Apple                  

Non-voting Ad Hoc

Facebook Editor         Karen Mauro                

Newsletter Editor       Lynette Miller               

Webmaster                 Open



Advocacy & Public Policy: This committee meets monthly on the second Wednesday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the YWCA. Our guiding purpose is to advance equity for women and girls through public policy by means of education, advocacy, and partnering with other local activist organizations. We select a few issues that are timely, critical, and consistent with AAUW National public policy aims, and currently are: Early Childhood Education, Affordable Healthcare, Equal Rights for Women and “Fair Vote.” AAUW Asheville members receive regular informational updates and “Five-Minute Activist Alerts” from the Advocacy & Public Policy Committee. Join us by contacting either co-chair: Kitty Schaller (828-777-1370) or Johanna Manasse (708-224-7199)
STEM Committee: The focus of the STEM Committee is to assist the community in educating women and girls in the STEM and Arts disciplines to promote gender equality in these areas.  The Committee is open to anyone interested in actively participating with ideas and interests in local STEM focused activities, including developing a speakers’ bureau, collaborating with UNCA on upcoming events, etc.  We’re looking for new ideas in ways that AAUW can contribute to this cause. Contact Karen Wallace-Meigs (828-337-3528 or
WorkSmart:  Developed by AAUW, this free online salary negotiation course is designed to help women better their financial future.  The committee will use different communication tools to educate our members about this innovative program and ways to link this course to friends, family, and business contacts.  The committee will also identify and communicate with many other organizations and institutions to further promote this course.  Contact Jan Huskey ( or 828-785-9994).