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What do you know about mail-in voting? The general election is 74 days away and our committee is actively engaged in promoting how and when people can plan for their vote. We believe Voting by Mail is the safe, secure and efficient route to voting, especially in light of a continued COVID-19 threat. While the usual NC in-person voting options are still available (Early Voting 10/15-31 and Election Day 11/3),  everyone can consider NC No-Excuse Absentee Voting as a great way to stay safe. It is also expedient–no waiting weeks to vote.  Once your ballot arrives soon after September 4, you can complete it, follow the instructions precisely and mail it with plenty of time for the USPS to deliver it.

We feel so strongly that we’ve started an information campaign, along with many other organizations who share similar convictions, to disseminate far and wide the information that asks and answers basic questions and provides links to informational videos and websites. Please share this with everyone you know. And even if you think you prefer to vote in-person, consider having the insurance policy of having a mail-in ballot on hand. Here are the links you need:

1. Watch the Why Vote Absentee video https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/2_ZQP4v-_3NJe6uU2GWAQoMuBqDaaaa8hHQZ-PcMnk-9M3dVV2q_SkNAFdFZ1pbv

  1. Watch the “How to Get an Absentee Ballot request Form”video https://youtu.be/bX_rchGOCNE
  2. Open this Absentee Ballot Request Form–directions included. Mail it back to Buncombe Co. Election Services PO Box 7468 Asheville 28802
  3. Send this flyerto all your friends and your networks electronically
  4. Print this hard copyof the flyer for in-person distribution


How to Request an Absentee Ballot (2) (1)


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