This year we are in a quandary about convening our branch meetings at the Goodwill Career Center. Given the necessity for keeping ourselves safe and healthy, the Board recommends we not gather in a physical location  but to revisit the possibility of resuming in-person meetings in early 2022. However, we will continue to meet virtually and engage with one another via Zoom.

   October 26, 2021 Jaclyn Kiger, Pisgah Legal Services: Health, Justice & COVID-19
   November 30, 2021 Braver Angels: Bridging the Divide.  Skills in tone setting, etc.
   December, 2021 TBD – Get together with celebratory focus
   January 25, 2022 Eileen Reavey, National Popular Vote:  Popular Vote & Electoral College by Webinar-6:30-7:45 PM
   February 22, 2022 Becky Nichols, Entomologist: It’s All About the Bugs!  Women in Science & Synchronous Fireflies
   March 22, 2022 Ron Katz: What Does NC Voting Look Like Right Now? 
   April 26, 2022 Our GEM partners discuss:  How We Choose our GEM scholars
   May, 2022 A Field Trip TBD