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You and your friends, both AAUW members and non-members, are invited to attend our upcoming North Carolina American Association of University Women Annual Meeting and Conference.  The conference is being held at the DoubleTree Hotel on March 27 & 28.  The topics of these two days will mirror AAUW’s mission of advancing gender equity for women and girls and, therefore, should be of considerable interest to you.

Our Keynote Speaker at 1:00 Saturday, March 28, will be Kati Hornung, Campaign Coordinator of VAratifyERA, a state-wide organization whose perseverance resulted in Virginia’s being the  38th state to ratify the Constitutional Equal Rights Amendment.  She will share with us what it took to get the amendment passed and methods to encourage women to continue the efforts for passage in NC and other states.  Ms. Hornung will also update us on what needs to be done in the future to continue our work on adding the amendment to the Constitution.

Other speakers in the conference include UNC Asheville Chancellor Nancy Cable discussing Title IX changes that include sexual harassment investigations and the impact on students and schools (11:15 on Saturday); Angie Newsome, founder and CEO of online Carolina Public Press, speaking on her journey as an entrepreneur and how to sift through media output for real facts (4:00 on Friday); a discussion on the status of NC women’s health with Mary Stover, Executive Director NC Council on Women and Youth Involvement, and Dr. Shannon Dowler, Chief Medical Officer for NC Medicaid (10:00 on Saturday); Rick Glazier, Executive Director NC Justice Center, with updates on NC and national legislation (10:00 on Saturday); Amanda Edwards and Patsy Keever, Asheville area politicians, discussing methods of getting more women elected to public office (11:15 on Saturday); and Emily Breedlove, Asheville resident and national speaker, talking about pay equity for women (5:00 on Friday).

Additional sessions are presented by AAUW members:  State STEM Chair Christie Whitworth, sharing a new statewide education initiative that includes local STEM K-12 educators; State VP Kathy Pearre discussing the AAUW online program “Work Smart, which provides tools for negotiating salaries; and Karen Wallace-Meigs, Executive Director WNC Girls on the Run, with a panel of middle school, high school and university students discussing their current issues, barriers, needs, and goals in becoming women who change the world.  A highlight of the conference will be a performance montage regarding suffrage, “Sisters of Mine,” authored and presented with professional actors by Greensboro playwright Sherri Raeford on Friday night.

Registration for the meeting and conference will be open February 1 at www.aauwnc.orgAs a member of the host branch for the conference, please plan to attend and tell your friends about this exciting opportunity to hear outstanding speakers and to network with women from across NC.  A day where voices that need to be heard will be heard!

Pat Ashe, AAUW Asheville President                Jane Terwillegar, AAUW North Carolina President

AAUW Asheville is one of over 1000 local branches in the United States and the  largest and fourth oldest branch in North Carolina.

Since our founding in 1915, Asheville has been focused on addressing issues that are important to supporting the needs of women and girls in our community and beyond. We do this by promoting education, including improving our own knowledge of community needs in branch programs and committees, supporting STEM activities with middle school girls, collaborating with institutions of higher learning, and financially contributing to college/university scholarships for women whose education has been delayed or interrupted.  Additionally, as a nonpartisan organization we advocate with our lawmakers in advancing the rights and economic security of women and girls.  (Public Policy statements )

To achieve the connection and collaboration necessary to make a difference in our community, opportunities are available through branch meetings and smaller gatherings comprising “special interest groups” (link to Programs). Communication is achieved through a monthly newsletter, email announcements, and an annual AAUW Asheville Directory.  While recognizing our individual differences, we are an organization of like-minded women in that we are committed to the same mission.


Work Smart is a free AAUW online learning program about how to negotiate better compensation https://salary.aauw.org.  The tools contained in this program can also be used to negotiate other types of desired outcomes in your life.  The program works:  98% of those who take the course find it useful, 72% report higher confidence, and 60% put the skills they learn into practice.


 AAUW Asheville will host the March 27-28, 2020, state meeting.  There will be several break out sessions of interest to women in our state and community as well as multiple opportunities for networking.  Watch for more details in the coming months.